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NIFSkope ( - File Description  

A tool that is needed to mod Fallout 3 and it DLC.

NifSkope - graphical program that allows you to open NIF files, view their contents, edit them, and write them back out again. You can use it to quickly make changes to specific properties of a NIF file such as changing the texture, adding translucency, and more. A 3D view of the contents of the NIF file allows you to preview your changes instantly. You can even create texture templates, and import & export OBJ files.

NIFSkope ( - File Download Options  

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NIFSkope ( - Readme  
Readme File:
== NifSkope ==

NifSkope is a tool for analyzing and editing NetImmerse files (.nif)

This is version 1.0.21 of NifSkope.

Known Issues and Workarounds

* On some graphic cards textures show up black or distorted. If this happens,
uncheck "Shaders" in NifSkope's settings.

* If one of NifSkope's windows disappears due to moving it to a location
outside of the desktop view, close NifSkope and remove the NifSkope settings
by deleting the registry key(s)


Launch NifSkope again, and all windows will appear at their default

* If NifSkope does not start at all, check your firewall. NifSkope uses the
network (locally, nothing is sent to the outside world) to communicate with

Reporting bugs


Compiling NifSkope from source



This is version 1.0.21 of NifSkope.

changes since 1.0.20:
* added support for displaying 8-bit palettised DDS textures
* added variable mipmap filtering display for NiTexturingProperty
* added "Mesh->Flip Faces" spell
* added "Texture->Add Flip Controller", "Texture->Edit Flip Controller"
* added support for reading NeoSteam headers
* "Combine Properties" spell will not combine properties that inherit
BSShaderProperty since they need to be unique (reported by Saiden)
* fixed A -> B spell for bhkHingeConstraint (issue #2835485 reported by
* selection highligting fixes for bhkPackedNiTriStripsShape (triangles and
* added support for KrazyRain and Zorsis blocks (control characters etc.)
* synced block order algorithm with pyffi (fixes the "falling signs" bug in
* allow UV editing of meshes without a base texture

changes since 1.0.19:
* updated to Qt 4.5.0
* fix tooltips display for nif.xml annotations
* Paste Block/Branch spells now set Controller and Target links when pasting
controller blocks, and updates Effects array when pasting an effect block
* Paste At End spell added to paste a branch without parenting
* Fix display of Stencil and Z Buffer properties for versions >=
* Flag spell updated for Vertex Color, Stencil Buffer, and Z Buffer properties
* bug fix for file selection widget ("Load" and "Save As") textbox styling
* performance improvements when attaching animation
* set sequence controller NiMultiTargetTransformController when importing kfs
* display of NiUVController for UV transformations
* Add "Move Down" option to Texture Folders list
* display of NiVisController
* fixed display of NiMaterialColorController for versions < and
added flags editor
* display of BSBounds (displayed with Havok), tweaks to display of Bounding
Box, added a "Edit Bounds" spell
* highlighting of strips
* UV editing of textures other than the base texture
* re-add hiding of rows not applicable to the current version

changes since 1.0.18:
* Spells:
- fixed "Multi Apply Mode" spell [ niftools-Bugs-2475705 ]
- shortcut keys for "Copy Branch" and "Paste Branch"
- new "Duplicate" and "Duplicate Branch" spells
- new "Flip Normals" spell and option to scale normals in "Scale Vertices"
- new "Mirror armature" spell for Morrowind
- add flag editing for NiBillboardNode
- automate NiTextureEffect attachment (found under Node->Attach Light)
- adding a new texture now presents a file selection dialog
- new "Collapse Array" spell to selectively remove empty links
- re-add texture export: NiPixelData can be exported to TGA or DDS (default)
- texture chooser pathing tweaks
- new "Blocks->Sort By Name" spell
- "Attach .KF" can handle multiple non-conflicting .kf files
* Add support for UV editing of embedded textures and external nif textures
* "failed to load file header" message now gives hexadecimal and string
values instead of decimal
* nif.xml handling:
- read nif.xml from current directory in preference
- fix handling of signed values
- allow enumeration defaults to be specified by name
- enumerations now have their underlying data type displayed in tooltip
* Installer:
- file types for KF and KFM changed to NetImmerse/Gamebryo Animation and
NetImmerse/Gamebryo Animation Manager respectively
- location now checks for an existing installation
* ignore "QAccessibleWidget::rect: This implementation does not support
subelements!" message
* prevent warning message when attempting to load an empty texture filename
* fix crash on exit if no file opened and inspect window not opened
* Shortcut keys for "Load" and "Save As"

changes since 1.0.17:
* fixed corruption of BSShaderNoLightingProperty file names when using texture chooser
* fixed rendering settings which sometimes broke texture rendering when shader not used
* added settings page for selecting displayed user interface language
* fixed Binormals and Tangents swapped in Fallout 3 files [ niftools-Bugs-2466995 ]
* added Block | Convert Spell for cleanly changing node type
* set default stencil property flags to 19840 for Fallout 3 (suggested by Saiden)

changes since 1.0.16:
* force updateHeader and updateFooter to be called before save
* introduce bitflag data type
* add editor for bitflag types
* update santize spells to better cleanup Fallout3 NIFs during export
* custom Fallout 3 sanitize spell forcing NiGeometryData blocks to have names
* more support for internationalization
* bug fixes in the renderer which completely disabled shaders on common hardware
* bug fix for showing BSDismemberedSkinInstance highlighting in viewer when partitions were selected
* fix to make Fallout 3 normal map shader renderer work

changes since 1.0.15:
* add Transform Inspection window
* add Fallout 3 to game texture auto detection
* nif.xml updates for Fallout 3
* add support for Fallout 3 BSA files
* add material color override in settings
* new version condition evaluation engine to handle Fallout
* using GLee, so nifskope now also compiles on mac
* update tangent and binormal update script for Fallout as well as rendering

changes since 1.0.14:
* fixed issues with attaching kf controller with nif/kf version >=
* updated mopp code generation to use subshape materials
* updated for Qt 4.4.3
* support reading nifs which use the NDSNIF header used in Atlantica
* new block types added from Atlantica, Florensia, Red Ocean

changes since 1.0.13:
* fixed bhkRigidBodyT transform
* fixed (innocent but annoying) error message on blob type
* fixed Oblivion archive support for BSA files for use with textures
* fixed having wrong texture in render window under certain conditions

changes since 1.0.12:
* workaround for Qt annoyance: QFileSystemWatcher no longer barfs
* installer also registers kfm and nifcache extensions
* remove empty modifiers from NiParticleSystem when sanitizing
* fixed value column in hierarchy view when switching from list view
* new mopp code generator spell (windows only), using havok library
* some small nif.xml updates
* warn user when exporting skinned mesh as .OBJ that skin weights will not be
* updated skin partition spell to work also on NiTriStrips
* when inserting a new NiStencilProperty block, its draw mode is set to
3 (DRAW_BOTH) by default (issue #2033534)
* update block size when fixing headers on v 20.2 and later
* updated for Qt 4.4.1
* add support for embedded textures and external nif textures
* display revision number in about box
* new blob type to make large byte arrays more efficient
* fixed bounding box location in opengl window

changes since 1.0.11:
* fixed animation slider and animation group selector being grayed out

changes since 1.0.10:
* added support for nif version (used for instance by Oblivion
furniture markers in some releases of the game)
* fixed code to compile with Qt 4.4.0 and worked around some Qt 4.4.0 bugs
* creating new BSXFlags block sets name automatically to BSX (issue #1955870)
* darker background for UV editor to ease editing of UV map (issue #1971002)
* fixed bug which caused texture file path not to be stored between
invokations of the texture file selector in certain circumstances (issue
* new "crop to branch" spell to remove everything in a nif file except for a
single branch
* new "Add Bump Map" and "Add Decal 0 Map" spells for NiTexturingProperty
blocks (issue #1980709)
* load mipmaps from DDS file rather than recalculating them from the first
level texture (issue #1981056)
* toolbar whitespace fix for linux

changes since 1.0.9:
* fixed bsa file compression bug for Morrowind
* fixed havok block reorder sanitize spell (replaced with a global block
reorder spell)

changes since 1.0.8:
* synced DDS decompression with upstream (nvidia texture tools revision 488)
* fixed nif.xml for Oblivion havok blocks
* fixed DXT5 alpha channel corruption

changes since 1.0.7:
* Use software DXT decompression also on Windows to work around texture
corruption bug

changes since 1.0.6:
* Fixes for the MinGW build, the build now works on all Windows versions
(also older versions that are no longer supported by Microsoft).
* Updated build to use Qt 4.3.4
* Added + and - to expression parser.
* Updates to nif and kfm format.
* Cleaned up kfm xml format.

changes since 1.0.5:
* Stylesheet for the linux version.
* Activated update tangent space spell for nifs
* Temporarily disabled removing of the old unpacked strips when calling the
pack strip spell as this crashes nifskope; remove the branch manually
instead until this bug is fixed.
* Texture path used for selecting new textures is saved.
* Shortcuts in texture selection file dialog are now actually followed.

changes since 1.0.4:
* Fixed block deletion bug.
* Updated to compile with MSVC Express 2008 and Qt 4.3.3
* Updated installer to check for the MSVC 2008 dll.
* Registry settings between different versions of nifskope are no longer
shared to avoid compatibility problems if multiple versions of nifskope
are used on the same system.
* Non-binary registry settings are copied from older versions of nifskope,
if a newer version of nifskope is run for the first time.
* Some minor xml updates:
- NiMeshPSysData fixed and simplified
- new version from emerge demo
- replaced Target in NiTimeController with unknown int to cope with invalid
pointers in nif versions <= 3.1

changes since 1.0.3:
* XML update to fix the 'array "Constraints" much too large ... failed to load
block number X (bhkRigidBodyT) previous block was bhkMoppBvTreeShape'
* Software DXT decompression for platforms that do not have the S3TC opengl
extension such as linux with vanilla xorg drivers, so DDS textures show up
even when S3TC extension is not supported in the driver (code ported from
nvidia texture tools project).
* Started adding doxygen-style documentation in some source files.
* Added nifcache and texcache to nif file extension list (used by Empire Earth III)

changes since 1.0.2:
* Installer
- fixed link where user can download MSVC redistributables

changes since 1.0.1:
* User Interface
- another attempt at fixing the delete block crashes

changes since 1.0:
* User Interface
- visualize skin partitions for versions <
- fixed r n issue. (Embedded carriage returns can be added using the Shift+Enter or Alt+Enter keys.)
- Avoid crashing when using XML Checker on 20.1 nifs with unknown file formats
- Add ByteMatrix data type for NiPixelData
- extra space in text editor to ensure that single line strings are nicely displayed on edit
- Allow for multiple file filters in the file open and save dialogs.
- Force C locale so there is at least some consistency somewhere in the app.
Currently some editors use system locale but Qt forces C locale on some string operations.
- Fix sync bug when using delete branch
- Add multiline editor for text fields. Also sets uniform row height on tree.
- fixed display of multiline strings (without affecting the actual data)
- syncing strip pack spell with xml

* NIF Compatibility
- fixes for oblivion skeleton.nif files
- Fixes for Emerge Demo and Megami Tensei: Imagine and the NiBoneLODController and related items.
- Fixes for the following: Loki, Guild 2, Warhammer, PCM 2007,
1. Added skeleton PhysX blocks from copetech examples
2. Fixed NiSortNode
3. Fixed NiPixelData to better match file format
4. Fixed NiBoneLODController
- fixes for ffvt3r nifs (capsule NiCollisionData)
- fixed NiGeometryData for nifs
- Fixes for NiCollisionObject and Multiline text in nifskope.
- number of vertices in oblivion sub shapes

changes since 0.9.8:
* User Interface
- Expanded help menu and renamed "Reference Browser" to "Interactive Help" and made it come up when F1 is pressed.
- Merged autodetect buttons into a single button which looks for every supported game so you can auto-detect all our games at the same time.
- The custom paths you've specified will no longer be deleted by the autodetect button.
- File names displayed in the load and save box should now always have the full path and show long file names on Windows. They should also contain back slashes instead of forward slashes.
- Added Vertex and Triangle Selection to bhkPackedNiTriStripsShape
- Linux file select fix
- The BSXFlags selection box works again
- Improved FloatEdit to accept "<float_min>" and "<float_max>".
- Added Draw Constraints option.
- Added check if array is even enabled to "Update Array" spell
- Created new icons for "Follow Link" and "Flags" spells just for fun.
- Created an icon for "Array Update" and made the spell instant, so now arrays can be updated just by clicking the icon.
- Made the Matrix4 edit spell "instant" so that the icon would appear next to the Matrix and the user won't have to drill down into the right-click menu.
- Created some more amusing icons for the various view toolbar buttons.
- Reformatted the insert block menu to make a little more sense. "Havok" instead of "BHK," grouped other Bethesda and Firaxis nodes, etc.
- Added version matching to XML checker.
- Changed link editing so if you clear the value and press enter, the link changes to "None." This way the user won't have to know that "-1" has a special meaning.
- Fixed block-matching so it works for all versions, though it won't be any faster for old versions since early rejection can't be used.
- Fixed NiControllerSequence links so that 0x0000FFFF also counts as "empty" instead of showing up as "invalid index"
- Added the ability to specify what NIF version the new "blank" NIF is when NifSkope starts.
- Changed relative path specifier to './'
- Fixed issue where links in old files weren't mapped if the file didn't load completely.
- The XML checker window's Block choosing button now has the same new menu structure as the Block > Insert spell.

* 3D View
- Added ability to center the view on the selected node or shape. Select the node/shape and press the C key.
- Made it so you can zoom in and out by right-dragging left and right as well as up and down.
- Added Text Rendering when "Triangles" is selected on the bhkNiTriStripsShape data. If the top is selected all triangles are numbered if a specific one is selected then only that triangle index is shown.
- Removed triangle sorting of alpha meshes because none of the games or official scene viewers actually seem to do this. Improves display of Oblivion hair meshes.
- Fixed, added, or improved several Havok Constraint visuals.
- Added support for displaying textures in NiTextureProperty (Nif ver. 3.x)
- Made selection lines look much less flickery by increasing the line width to 1.5 before drawing them.
- Added visualization for old style collision boxes. Lumped it in with "Havok" since it's the same idea as a Havok box shape.
- A warning will appear if S3TC texture compression is not supported by the OpenGL driver.

* Spells
- Update Center/Radius" spell now respects CF_VOLATILE and Oblivion simple center searching methods.
- Enhanced LimitedHingeHelper spell to every constraint
- "Edit UV" is applicable only when there are texture coordinates present and fixed bug which could lead to crashing.
- The Optimize > Combine Shapes spell now issues warnings when shapes don't count as matching due to the presence of unsupported NiObjects, such as NiSkinInstance.
- The Multi Apply Mode spell is now on the "Batch" page of the spell book, and only appears in the Spell menu, never in the right-click menu.
- Edit UV is now only applicable to NiTriShape or NiTriStrips. It didn't work for NiTriShapeData or NiTriStripsData, but would show up in the right-click menu anyway.
- Added the ability to not stripify and pad newly created NiSkinPartition objects in the "Make Partition" spell. Still needs more work to make proper partitions for games which require 4 bones per partion, however.

* Import/Export
- 3ds and OBJ import updated so that all the NiTriShapes will be attached to whatever NiNode is selected in the tree view, similar to the old right-click->Import method.
- Added the ability to import the first mesh from an OBJ or 3DS file over the top of the selected NiTriShape object.
- Added the ability to export starting from the specified node, or only a specific mesh, depending on what is selected.
- Import and export now warn the user what they are about to do, based on the selection, giving them a chance to cancel the operation if it isn't what they wanted.
- Fixed 3ds import for shapes with multiple materials.
- Optimized 3ds import a bit so that group nodes will only be created when there is more than one material in a shape.
- Updated Import 3ds so that it creates a "Scene Root" node which all object nodes are attached to, rather than creating a NIF file with many roots.
- Fixed a the same bug in 3ds import as was fixed in OBJ import where "Has UV" was not being set properly.
- Fixed OBJ and 3ds import and export so that NiImage and NiTexture are created in 3.x files, and are detected during OBJ export.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the "Has UV" bool not to be set correctly when an OBJ file was imported.

* NIF Compatibility
- Added partial support for the following new games: Loki, Pro Cycling Manager, Shin Megami Tensei
- Fixed a bug that made NifSkope fail to load the file.
- Fixed problem with version 3.03 conditions in the XML. Version 3.1 files can be read again.
- XML changes which allow NiSkinPartition objects that won't crash Morrowind and Freedom Force to be created.

* Misc.
- GCC build fixes.
- Added check for empty QFileSystemWatcher, this removes the nasty qWarning
- Uninstall now correctly removes all folders.

changes since 0.9.7:
- Bugfix Re-Release
- added docs by default and fixed RefBrowser bugs
- changed relative path identifier from "$NIFDIR" to the standard "./"

changes since 0.9.6:
- texture layout editor
- change textures via drag&drop
- support for single texture properties from StarTrek:BridgeCommander
- import .3ds
- pack havok strips
- experimental visuals for stiff spring and ragdoll constraints
- reference browser

changes since 0.9.5:
- Fixed bug that would crash NifSkope in FlipUVs
- Improved stability
- Copy filename buttons
- Visual load/save feedback
- Localization system

changes since 0.9.4:
- oblivion glow map shaders
- anisotropic texture filtering (check the antialias checkbox in the render
settings dialog)
- fixed another issue with update tangent space, should look better now
- the havok strips are now drawn like they appear in the tescs
if you encounter the spider web effect use the new unstich strips spell
on the NiTriStripsData block
- the skin partition spell now also accepts nifs below 20.x.x.x
- added an option to save and restore the 3d view's rotation, position
and distance
- rotations can now also be edited as axis angle pairs
- added a widget style sheet (style.qss)
if you want you can customize the look and feel of NifSkope through this
style sheet
- fixed an issue with the ipc socket
NifSkope should open now at least one window regardless of any personal
firewall settings

changes since 0.9.3:
- support for nifs below version 4 (StarTrek: Bridge Commander)
- comprehensive render settings dialog
- texture folder auto setup
- highlighting of individual vertices, normals, triangles, etc.
- added a spell to combine equal properties and another spell to make the properties
unique again
- improved skin partitioning
- fixed calculation and rendering of binormals, under some circumstances the
direction of the binormals was flipped if you encounter this problem updating
the tangent space again should solve it
- fixed flag spell
- fixed LOD switching
- fixed Morrowind morph animations
- template column integrated into type column
- switched to Qt 4.2

changes since 0.9.2:
- for enumerated values (eg: havok material) nifskope now displays the option name
instead of an integer value
also the type column's tooltip now displays the type's description and all the
available options
- the version tag syntax in the xml description was slighty changed to be more intuitive
- clicking in the 3d view now cycles through the items below the mouse

changes since 0.9.1:
- texture paths are now converted to windows notation
because otherwise Oblivion doesn't find textures located within .bsa archives
- stripifier now outputs single strips
because CivIV draws only the first strip

changes since 0.8.8:
- now plays embedded animation sequences (good examples are the doors
and some traps from oblivion)
- thanks to tapzn for implementing bspline animation interpolators
- new spell: attach .kf
- this spell takes an external animation sequence and attaches it
to the nif
- this way it's now possible to view the creature and character animations
in NifSkope
- fixed havok sorter: now sorts constraints and bhkNiTriStripsShape too
- updated the skin partitioner: now automatically reduces vertex influences
and splits large partitions into smaller parts
- some small tweaks:
- paste branch now automatically parents ninode branches to the selected ninode
- ipc over udp ensures that new NifSkope windows are allways opened in the same
application instance (this makes the 'new window' workaround obsolete when
copying and pasting between nifs on windows platform)
note that this works by opening a local udp server socket. communication on
this socket is limited to local host only. so it shouldn't be a security issue.

changes since 0.8.7:
- havok blocks will be ordered automatically
- some hot keys for the spells
- fixed obj import/export (textures,collision meshes)
- new spell allows editing of string offsets
- new spell for removing blocks by id
- new spell to upload morph frames

changes since 0.8.6:
- gundalf contributed a new feature: oblivion furniture
animation markers
- Skin Partitions made with NifSkope should now work properly
on nvidia cards too

changes since 0.8.5:
- fixed compability with older graphic cards
- fixed animation controllers
- fixed triangle sorting
- fixed an issue with Make Skin Partion on meshes with less than four bones

changes since 0.8.2:
- two oblivion style shaders displaying normal and parallax mapping
- automatically reorders the children link arrays for oblivion
(trishapes first, ninodes last)
- new spell: Mesh/Make Skin Partition
- many cosmetic changes in nif.xml

changes since 0.8.1:
- multi shape .obj export/import
- remove branch spell
- make normals and smooth normals spells
- added an option to show the havok shapes
- tool tip descriptions for all blocks and items

changes since 0.8:
- XML updated
- create texture templates
- .OBJ import/export

changes since 0.7:
- Billboards
- LOD switching
- Model walk (walk around the nifs using the wasd key combo)
- Perspective / Orthographic projection in normal view mode
- improved vertex color lighting
- improved boundary scan
- hide non textured meshes (daoc compability)
- hide nodes by name
- new debug spell: thread load

changes since 0.6:
- lights
- particles (80% of the old particle systems from morrowind)
- xml: template types + optimized conditions
- fixed texturing again:
- NIF folder is now searched for textures too
- smart cache flush control (reloads textures if needed)
- fixed RGBA32 TGAs which have their alphaBitCnt set to zero
- fixed TGA RLE decompression (was much too slow)
- added support for TGA L8 and LA16 (greyscale)
- fixed bit stuffed DDS formats (RGBA 5551 565 4444 ...)
- alternative extension test (nifs from mournhold and solstheim)
- fixed tex folder deselect
- fixed filenames containing rn0

changes since 0.5:
- new flexible context menu system (spells)
- texture spells ( choose + pack + export + add glow/base map )
- stripify spell converts NiTriShape to NiTriStrip
- gl view now uses filtered mipmaps
- various fixes and adjustments

changes since 0.4:
- more animation controllers: flip, morph, vis, uv
- NiPixelData textures are now displayed too
- open gl 3d view is now in sync with the nif model:
- changes to the data structure show up immediately
- (no more double click to update)
- some internal changes:
- NifValue replaces QVariant
- NifValue uses hardcoded streaming class

changes since 0.3:
- switched to Qt 4.1
- new main window layout
- multiple main windows
- copy/paste blocks and compounds
- draw bones/nodes
- keyframe animations
- draw hidden meshes
- nif version check on load
- fixed various texture issues
- vector, matrix, quat are now internal types

changes since 0.2:
- opengl view rewritten:
- fixed display of better body meshes
- fixed model center on load
- improved alpha blending
- improved material colors and lighting
- fixed performance issue with textures on cdrom
- application icon by Shon
- changed source code license to BSD

changes since 0.1:
- display block hirarchy
- display abstract ancestors inline
- display block names at top level
- display link target name/type
- follow link (available through context menu)
- multi lined strings fixed (line breaks converted to and from "rn")
- fixed compressed tga textures (made with the gimp)
- proper display of skinned meshes
- center model on load

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 Game Portals:
 » Age of Empires 3
 » Aliens vs Predator 2
 » America's Army
 » ArmA 2
 » Armada 2
 » Battlefield 1943
 » Bridge Commander
 » Brothers in Arms 2
 » Call of Duty 4
 » Command & Conquer
 » Company of Heroes
 » Crysis
 » Counter-Strike: Source
 » Dawn of War Series
 » Day of Defeat: Source
 » Diablo 3
 » Doom 3
 » Elite Force
 » Enemy Territory
 » Fallout 3
 » Far Cry 2
 » F.E.A.R.
 » Flight Simulator X
 » GTA San Andreas
 » Half-Life 2
 » Halo
 » Jedi Knight 3
 » Knights of the Old Republic
 » Left 4 Dead 2
 » LOTR: Battle 4 Middle Earth
 » Medal of Honor
 » Operation Flashpoint
 » Quake 4
 » Red Faction: Guerrilla
 » rFactor
 » Silent Hunter 4
 » Sins of a Solar Empire
 » Soldier of Fortune 2
 » S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
 » Star Trek: Legacy
 » Star Wars Battlefront 2
 » Star Wars Empire at War
 » StarCraft II
 » Starfleet Command III
 » Supreme Commander
 » Team Fortress 2
 » The Elder Scrolls IV
 » The Sims 2
 » TrackMania United
 » Unreal Tournament 3
 » Warcraft III
 » World of Warcraft
 » X3: Terran Conflict

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